holiday season secret

The majority of network marketers are in SERIOUS pain over the holidays because their company tells you to SPAM social media, and bug (i.e. puke on) friends and family when you see them over the holidays to join your company or buy your products… ouch.

This of course leads to feeling isolated at family holiday parties, rejected, depressed, and wanting to quit during what SHOULD be the joyous of seasons!

The problem with your holiday marketing plan is that your company didn’t give you one (at least not a real one).

The worst part is that during the holiday season NOW more than ever you want to help people, give back, and create an impact (tis the season, right?!)…

PLUS you NEED your business to make money over the holidays so you can buy gifts and create memories your family will remember forever WITHOUT the stress around MONEY…

But they didn’t give you a plan. My friend, THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM.


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There are various email marketing software options on the market, and Flodesk is one of them. Many businesses and marketers around the world use Flodesk.

Today we’ll look at Flodesk, which is one of the top email marketing tools for growing your subscriber base and sending out great newsletters.

It’s simple to build appealing emails for your target audience with Flodesk, so they’ll eagerly open them when you send them.

Flodesk is one of the top email marketing software for growing businesses, and it is recommended by most entrepreneurs, from beginners to small business owners to specialists.

Flodesk’s fully responsive forms enable you to develop your email list and stay in your organisation for a longer period of time, allowing you to successfully carry out your business activities.

When you observe an increase in email subscriber lists, you know you’re going to make more money, and Flodesk is a terrific way to do that.

It has no constraints or limitations on the creation of email lists, so take advantage of this full flexibility and build a limitless subscriber list for your business. If you’re looking for a free email program, go here

Marketing Boost

What is a marketing boost?

Marketing Boost is a marketing tool that gives businesses free vacations, hotel discounts, and restaurant gift cards to use as incentives to convert more leads to customers or inspire workers.

This increases the urgency and perceived value of purchasing your goods or services.

The platform, which was previously known as Advertising Boost, works with resorts, hotels, restaurants, and industry insiders to secure these high-value incentives for its users.

These industry providers rarely have a full home, and empty rooms and free eating chairs earn them nothing.

As a result, they collaborate with Marketing Boost to provide incentives such as free vacations, hotel gift cards, and restaurant vouchers.

They do this so that when customers spend money on room service, shopping, fine dining, casino games, and other vital extras, they may earn more money.


GetResponse is a reliable email marketing service that also has some marketing automation capabilities aimed at small to midsize businesses (SMBs).

It’s got an attractive price tag and a good-size list of enticing third-party integrations.

Since we last tested it, GetResponse has added several enhancements including web push notifications and email chat. It’s also improved automation workflows and expanded SMS text marketing.

Additionally, there is a new and sharp focus on integrating with third-party e-commerce platforms.

If You would like to try Getresponse free-forever Plan

Blue Host

What Exactly Is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a well-known web hosting company that hosts over two million websites. It does an excellent job at demystifying and simplifying the process of creating a website for beginners, particularly if you wish to utilise WordPress.

All plans come with a one-year free domain, excellent uptime (based on real-world data), a free CDN, a drag-and-drop website builder, and a free SSL certificate.

You have everything you require in one location, but one question remains. Is it suitable for your next website? Click Here learn more.

SafeAct Value PPE Kit for Adults, with Disposable Face Masks, Gloves, Wipes, and Hand Sanitizers

Be prepared for any outing with a convenient pack of adult size personal protection supplies. SafeAct Value Kits include: TWELVE Disposable Face Masks, 15 PAIRS of Vinyl Gloves, ONE 2 oz Hand Sanitizer, ONE 8 oz Hand Sanitizer, FIFTY Hand Sanitizing Wipes
NON-WOVEN, 3 PLY MASK – breathable face coverings.

VINYL GLOVES – Flexible and comfortable plastic gloves keep hands protected. Durable material holds up against daily wear and tear. Perfect for cleaning, public outings, and mass transit.

STAY EXTRA CLEAN – Kit includes easy to use sanitising wipes. Travel size liquid hand sanitiser is 75% alcohol.

MUST HAVE FOR EVERY DAY: Mini packs of PPE supplies are car and aeroplane friendly. Keep in your bag or purse for on the go protection all day long.

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