Kyia Nubian Travel Queen in Bimini Bahamas

My Top 5: The Best of the Bahamas

The Bahamas are truly a unique destination, and more often than not, far exceeds visitors’ expectations. Yes, they have incredible amounts of sunshine and palm trees like other Caribbean destinations, but here are our top 6 things that make the Bahamas special: #1 Friendly Locals Locals, affectionately called “Bahamians” are some of the friendliest people …

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Are Travel Agents Old School?

It appears like you can’t watch TV for more than 60 minutes without seeing a Travelocity or Orbitz commercial with William Shatner or that ridiculous dwarf. These travel websites have been very successful in encouraging individuals to buy airline and hotel tickets online. “Are travel agents old school?” one might wonder, given the internet’s massive …

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