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Use these 5 Good Hotel Habits!

While staying in our chic comfortable hotel, remember to always be on alert. I know this is the last thing you want to think about while traveling however sometimes bad things happen no matter the location.

  1. Do Not Leave Valuables in Plain Sight: This includes jewelry, electronics, passport, important documents, and money. It only takes a few seconds for the housekeeping staff to clean out your valuables while they are cleaning your room.
  2. Room Safe: If available please use the safe and always take a picture of the valuables inside of it before you lock it. There have been stories of employees gaining access to the room safe so be sure to get evidence to be on the safe side.
  3. Swing Bar Lock: Again if available use the swing bar lock plus the bolt lock and any other lock available while inside the room. I even go the extra mile and push the chair up against all of the doors. Remember some employees have access to the bolt key & master key card.
  4. Pack Smart: Overpacking is a gold mine for a thief on top of being a pain to tote around. Minimize the number of clothes by wearing the same pants or top twice and lessen the number of shoes. This is extremely tough for me but I promise it is doable.
  5. Purchase Travel Insurance: Although it’s an extra fee, it can save you from a big headache & heartache by replacing your stolen valuables. Buy insurance to cover both the physical luggage and its contents, just in case anything is lost during a trip.

During my travels, I’ve had a couple pieces of clothes and lingerie go missing so please don’t break any of these 5 good hotel habits.

Have you ever had anything stolen while staying in a hotel?

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