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January 2, 2018
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Tuesday Travel Tips: Cheapest days to fly are…

Travel Tips

Travel TipsAirline fares can be so random and seem to have no rhyme or reason. Some people probably even think those crazy fares are pulled from where the sun doesn’t shine but airlines actually have a “Pricing department” who uses a mystical convoluted mathematical software system to keep you pulling your hair out.

As of now for domestic flights, Tuesday is the cheapest day to travel followed by Wednesday and Thursday. Saturday and Sunday are the most expensive days to fly domestically while internationally the most expensive days are Monday – Friday.

Major Holidays: Memorial Day and Labor Day are consistently on Monday, so the regular rules above usually applies. 4th of July has cheaper fares flying out on the 2nd & 3rd and returning on the 5th. Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving are the cheapest to fly out while the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is the cheapest to fly back. December 23rd to Christmas day are the cheapest to fly out while it’s cheaper to return on December 31st.

The above statements are not etched in stone as information changes constantly. This is information that I’ve observed throughout my previous airline years and communicating with my peers. Also, prices fluctuate on demand, meaning if seats are in high demand then prices will be higher in cost.

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What are some of your experiences with airline prices? Please share below.

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