Tuesday Travel Tip: 3 Important Reasons to keep your airplane seat Straight!I know it’s a hassle to straighten your seat back before takeoff or before landing. More than once I was mid-dream snoring away and abruptly awaken just to be told: “please return your seat to the upright position, we’re landing”. All I could think was “Bah humbug!” The truth is most airplane accidents occur during takeoff and landing.

  1. Speedy Evacuation: Believe it or not the FAA (Federal Aviation Administrator) requires that airplanes must be evacuated within 90 seconds or less. If the seat in front of you is reclined or if the tray table is down then the passenger in the window will have a difficult time trying to rush out to the aisle seat and down the exit path.
  2. Clear Evacuation: If there is smoke, fire or any type of outside hazardous conditions the flight attendants can clearly see out of the windows and re-direct passengers away from harm.
  3. Brace Position: We’ve all seen the TV shows where they yell brace for landing. Well, this is very true as it is proven to lessen the effects of a crash. If the seat in front of you is reclined back then you can’t lean forward and brace for a collision.

As passengers who never worked a day in an airline employee shoes, it’s understandable to not understand why certain procedures are in place. As a former airline employee, I understand both sides so again please know that airline employees are doing their jobs for your safety.

Stay tuned for next week Tuesday Travel Tips.