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January 15, 2019
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River Cruising

River cruising is transforming the way travelers see Europe, allowing you to unpack once while gently sailing between Iconic cities and culturally rich towns. With a continent of rivers though, how do you choose the right itinerary for yourself? Below are highlights of each of Europe’s most popular rivers.

  • Rhine River: Feel like a king or queen as you sail along the Rhine and spot castles along the hillsides. Take a canal cruise through the waterways of Amsterdam, Netherlands or delight your taste buds with a traditional honey cake in Basel, Switzerland.
  • Douro River: Sail one of the world’s oldest wine regions and enjoy sweeping vineyard views all around. In Porto, Portugal and other towns along the way, indulge in the regions’ famous port wines.
  • Danube River: Walk in the footsteps of centuries past as you visit towering cathedrals and still active monasteries. Surround yourself in classical music in Vienna, Austria or take in a sky-high view of Hungary on the Budapest Eye.
  • Seine River: Savor art, history and legendary French cuisine as you sail the Seine. From the romance of Paris to the historic shores of Normandy, the Seine is a cultural awakening for all travelers.

First-time river cruisers will find the perfect blend of cultural immersion, historical sites and enchanting towns along the Rhine and Danube Rivers.

Mekong River, Asia’s premier river for cruising will take you through Vietnam and Cambodia where you’ll be surrounded by floating markets, ancient temples, and timeless traditions.

Solo-travelers are you ready to set sail with a small group of like-minded travelers? I’m ready! Comment below!

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    These river cruises look divine. This is a bucket list item for me!!!

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