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How To Stay Secure From Airport Security Checkpoint Theft

As if life didn’t come with enough stress, going through the airport security checkpoint will surely cause you more stress. Whether you’re cruising through with plenty of time or rushing to catch a flight, it’s quite easy to have your attention taken away.

Airport thefts can be from airport employees, TSA or sneaky passengers. Theft arises at the checkpoint when you are delayed in retrieving your carry-on luggage, or forget items when you are running off to catch your flight.

Tips for keeping your personal items secure:

  • Consolidate 
    Most tablets and similar electronics can go in briefcases, purses, or larger bags, while smaller items (like change, airline tickets, and even cell phones) can go into jacket pockets.
    Laptop computers should always travel with a TSA approved bag that isolates the laptop from other carry-on items. By keeping items consolidated, you are less likely to leave something important behind and become a victim of theft at the airport.
  • Identify your loose carry-on items
    Sometimes it can be difficult to consolidate items if you’re traveling with children or those who need assistance. Opt to put an identifying mark on your items. It can simply be placing an address label with your contact information or changing your smartphone home screen to display your emergency contact information.

  • Don’t walk through the checkpoint before your bags
    Although you may feel the pressure to hurry up by placing your luggage on the x-ray machine belt and allowing other passengers to go ahead while you take off shoes, don’t do it. Each second you don’t have your eyes on your luggage is another opportunity for theft.
    When passing through the checkpoint, be sure to watch items enter the x-ray machine, and keep your eyes on those items as they pass through the other side.
  • Double check after passing through the checkpoint
    Before putting your personal items back on, take a moment to make sure you have everything. This can help make sure you keep everything you’re traveling with, and not become a victim of a theft at the airport. If something is missing, immediately report the loss to authorities, as they may be able to help track down items, or stop a checkpoint thief in progress.

TSA has other tips to help keep you from being a victim of airport theft.

Have you ever been a victim to airport theft?

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