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How to Secure Your Travel Investment Like a Boss!

You double check your packing list to make sure you packed all of your necessities for your vacation and your so excited you have everything you need …. but do you really have everything you need? If you didn’t purchase travel insurance then you don’t have all the needed travel essentials.

Travel insurance gives you the assurance that your vacation will be stress-free so don’t leave without it.

  • Weatherproof your vacation: Even meteorologists can’t predict what mother nature might throw your way to ensure your vacation knowing that you’ll be able to easily reschedule plans in the event of a weather hiccup.
  • Baggage: You ever feel like your suitcase booked a flight of its own with a different arrival? When this happens, Allianz Worldwide Protection may provide you with up to $500 in delayed baggage credits so you can get the essentials you need to get your vacation started even if your suitcase is taking its sweet time.
  • Sick happens: Medicines, vitamins, travel size first aid kits are helpful additions to your packing list but sometimes they’re not enough. If you need to see a doctor while traveling, Allianz travel insurance will help you locate a reputable doctor to take care of your needs and get you back to your vacation.

Travel Insurance is the #1 thing you can’t leave off your packing list!

Stay tuned to find out how I lost $3,000 the day my vacation was about to begin.


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