Group Hotel Bookings – How to Get Good Rates

You’ll need to know how to acquire good hotel rates when you and your group travel as the person

who organizes trips for your organization.

There are several things you may do to improve your group’s deals.

To do so, you should have a basic understanding of how hotels function and handle reservations.

If you’re traveling with a group, you might be able to receive better hotel rates than

if you’re traveling alone or with a family.

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A booking of ten or more rooms is considered a group booking by most hotels.

You’re unlikely to get a real discount on your reservation if you go below this point.

Taking double (1 double bed) or twin (2 single beds) rooms, this usually amounts to a minimum party size of 20 persons.

The quad and triple rooms can accommodate a large party, although they are primarily designed for families,

and the third and fourth beds are commonly sofa or pull-out beds.

The law of supply and demand

The price you pay for a hotel room is mostly determined by supply and demand.

If you’re planning a trip to Edinburgh during the festival, you’ll have a hard time finding good rates on your own.

At this period, all of Edinburgh’s hotels could easily accommodate twice as many people.

As a result, they can charge nearly anything they want, even for low-quality accommodations.

If you don’t care about the time, attempt to schedule one of the busiest days.

You’ll be able to receive a lot better quotes this way.

Make sure you don’t try to book when there are activities in the area unless you plan on attending them.

For whatever reason, hotels may not be fully booked on particular weekends or weeks.

Ask if there is another date on which they could provide you with a better rate.

They might be able to find calm weekends when they don’t mind lowering the tariff in order to fill the hotel.

Having negotiating power

You will have more negotiating power over rates if you give a hotel a lot of business.

You might be able to acquire better rates if you provide a hotel with a hassle-free business.

If you’re going on an annual trip with your group, attempt to stay at the same hotel each year so they know you’ll be back.

This may encourage them to provide you with better pricing than they would otherwise offer in order to keep your business.

Organizing many excursions for various groups would also assist you in obtaining better hotel costs.

This is one of the reasons why using a professional group organizer can sometimes result in lower rates.

They generate enough business for hotels to be able to negotiate rates that are less expensive

then what you could receive if you went straight.


Negotiate with a hotel if necessary.

Normally, hotels will not give you the best deal possible right away.

They will provide you with the rate at which they wish to sell, albeit they may reduce it to a certain point.

Continue bargaining until you believe you have arrived at that place.

You can also try your luck at one of the hotels.

Obtain prices from a different hotel.

Even if it isn’t cheaper, tell the hotel you’re dealing with that a competitor has given you

£5 less per night and ask them if they can match it.

You should, however, consider the expected demand for hotel rooms at the time you intend to book.

If a hotel can readily fill its rooms at that time, they will be less willing to negotiate.

Web pages

The majority of websites cater to families, single travelers, and small groups of friends looking for a place to stay.

The majority of them aren’t designed for group reservations.

You should consider how many rooms are truly available and whether they match your requirements.

Frequently, tour operators agree to fill a certain number of hotel rooms and are financially

responsible for those rooms whether or not they are filled.

They’ll set goals to break even and generate a profit that’s fair.

They will be left with a number of rooms they simply wish to get rid of and sell once these have been met,

as they have already met their required profit margin.

These accommodations are frequently available on websites such as and Expedia.

They can often decrease the lodging price to below cost on these sites because the profit for their allocation has

already been met and they only need to get rid of the rooms.

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