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Early Hotel Check-In and Hotel Late Check-Out?

Hotel Check In and Out

Most hotel policies charge a fee to check in early and check out late based on availability.
Booked an early bird gets the worm flight, excitedly arrive at your hotel at 10 am just to be told “I”m so sorry but your room isn’t ready and check-in starts at 3 pm”. Don’t fret, just remain calm, smile and put on the charm because there are a couple of questions you can ask to get into your room sooner but they are not a guarantee.

If you have extra money to spare then ask if a room upgrade is available. If you don’t have extra money to spare and too exhausted then ask if a room downgrade is available. If both of these options don’t work then simply ask when is the earliest you can check-in and to place you on the waitlist to be called. At this point, politely ask them to hold & store your luggage. Remember to remove all valuables and get a receipt.
Make the best of your time by exploring the city, find somewhere to eat, go to a museum or park, do some shopping or go to a movie. If you’re not familiar with the city then ask the concierge desk for some nearby options. If you don’t feel like exploring the city then use the hotel spa, the hotel computer room or hang out at the hotel lounge.

Booked a late flight going home and hotel check out is usually 11 am or 12 pm but your flight is 6 pm or later? No worries, just simply ask during check-in for a late check-out. While making the hotel reservation, you can also request a late check-out. Again there are no guarantees as to the hotel reserves the right to charge a fee.

Another option is to become a loyal member of your favorite hotel and once you reach their premium membership level then they will offer you a complimentary early check-in and late check-out.

Always know there’s no harm in asking for what you want and explaining the reasons behind the request. Happy Travels.

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