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Connecting vs Direct vs Nonstop Flights: What’s the Difference?

If you’re a nervous flyer like me then you just want to take one nonstop flight to your final destination and get it over with. During my previous years working for a major U.S. airline, I’ve come across many people who thought direct and nonstop were the same. They were quite upset when they realized the big difference. Depending on the final destination, sometimes it’s impossible to get a nonstop so check out the below definitions so you can pick the flight that is best for you.

Connecting: This will involve at least two different airplanes which will have two different flight numbers. For example, a connecting flight from New York to Houston with a connection in Atlanta. You will depart from New York on flight #0123 to Atlanta where you would get off, walk to another gate and board flight #2468 to Houston.

Direct: Although this involves one airplane with the same flight number, it is not nonstop. It will make at least one stop in another destination but you remain on the plane until it arrives at your final destination. For example, a direct flight from New York to Houston on flight #8642 stop in Chicago but you sit tight on that same plane and patiently wait until it continues on to Houston.

Nonstop: This involves one airplane, one flight number, and no stop in between your final destination. For example, flight#0357 departs from New York and flies nonstop to Houston. This is my favorite type of flight, in and out baby.

What’s your favorite flight to take? Comment below!

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