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A Yummy Indian Cuisine

Indian Food

Enjoying my day off and treating my body to a 30-minute ionic foot bath and a 45-minute sauna treatment, I stumbled upon a little gem called Cilantro Indian Cafe on 107 Edinburgh South Drive, Suite 107, Cary NC 27511.

As I walked in I immediately felt like I was in a far away location with the Indian music in the background and the aromatic spices in the air. I walked up to a colorful display of homemade desserts which made me forget I came there to eat food. I stared at the yummy desserts for so long that the host asked me was I ready to order. I read through the enticing menu and decided to try the Moroccan Hummus with a cup of hot Ginger Tea and homemade pistachio cheesecake. He explained that it wasn’t a paste but it was full chickpeas but I didn’t care, my mouth was ready for flavor. I paid for my meal which comes with a complimentary cup of soda that I passed up. I found a seat facing the window and patiently waited for my flavorful food.

As my waiter sat my plate of awesomeness down, I smiled from ear to ear while doing my happy bout to eat good dance in my chair. The smell of the spices distracted me and I didn’t know where to start so I decided to bless my food first and eat wherever my spoon lands first. The jasmine rice was hot, soft and chewy. The Moroccan hummus was fresh, hot, spicy and oh so tasty. The chickpea salad was served chilled with just the right amount of flavorful tang. Drumroll…….. the naan was incredible with a slight crunch on the outside while the inside was soft, buttery and heavenly. The ginger tea reminded me a Lipton tea with a splash of cream and ginger but very tasty. The homemade pistachio cheesecake ……. um let’s just nicely say, I won’t order it ever again in life.

As I’m transitioning my food lifestyle to a healthier version, I’m glad I’ve found this gem. I love the fact that they purchase their fresh produce from the local farmers market and offer vegetarian and vegan options. I’m looking forward to returning again.

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Do you enjoy Indian food?


  1. Sophie says:

    I’m a big fan of jasmine rice – so yummy 🙂 I’ve never tried ginger tea but after reading this I am definitely going to give it a try! Glad you had a scrumptious meal 🙂

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