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November 13, 2018
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5 Tips to become a Fab Photographer

I realized that owning a camera phone doesn’t make me a photographer extraordinaire. I always thought you just aim and click and that was it. After a few remarks from professional photographers on how to make my pictures pop I decided to take their advice. The following 5 tips might not make you the next Annie Leibovitz but it’ll get you close enough:

  • Get a little closer (Don’t be shy): Too much zooming in can diminish the quality of your image, so don’t be shy, get up close and get your shot.
  • Golden hours: Take advantage of mother nature’s naturally good lighting right after sunrise and right before sunset.
  • Go horizontal: For the best videos and photos, flip it horizontally.
  • Rule of thirds: For stunning photos, enable the grid on your camera and position your subject along one of the lines. Also, the grids will help you keep horizons straight which is perfect for beach shots.
  • Travel Tripod: This is awesome for group shots and to stabilize videos.

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