Meat lovers watch out because there’s a new sheriff in town name Vegans and Vegetarians. I recently went on a cruise to Cuba with my friend who is a Vegan and she only ate the Indian Vegetarian dishes, salads, and mash potatoes. I felt so sorry for her because she didn’t have any other options and she was a bit miserable. Slowly but surely cruise lines are stepping into the 21st century and introducing dishes for Vegans and Vegetarians. The top 5 cruise lines for the non-meat eaters:

  1. Costa Cruises
  2. Holland America
  3. Oceania Cruises
  4. SeaDream Yacht Club
  5. Silversea Cruises

These luxury cruises offer dedicated menus for diabetics, gluten-free, kosher, vegan and vegetarian. If you require any special dietary needs please inform your travel agent or the cruise line at least 90 days ahead of time. Once you board your cruise ship feel free to request a meeting with the Executive Chef to ensure a tasty culinary experience.

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What do you normally eat on cruise ships that don’t cater to Vegans and Vegetarians? Please share below.