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5 Airport Tips That Will Save You $$

If you’re anything like how I used to be then you probably blow half your budget in the airport before you even board to your destination. Previously as soon I stepped into the airport, all of a sudden I’m hungry, thirsty, bored and have no patience so I decide to fill all of those desires by blowing money. Next thing you know I’ve spent $50 – $75 on pure foolishness. Follow these tips to save money on your next getaway!

  1. Bring your own water bottle: Of course, it will have to be empty before security but after you pass security then go fill it up. Staying hydrated is important during travel but there’s no law that said you must spend money to do it.
  2. Bring your own snacks: Resist that banana nut bread, stale sandwich, salty chips which all cost a hefty penny. Opt to bring your own food/snacks from home
  3. Pack an extra bag or two: I know this sounds crazy but I’ve wasted money coming back from my vacation and needed an extra bag just to spend $20+ buying one. Save yourself a headache & save some dollars by planning ahead and bringing an extra bag.
  4. Don’t park at the airport: I repeat don’t park at the airport although it is more convenient as a time saver. Ask a friend for a ride, take public transportation or use Lyft/Uber. If you have to drive then go a little bit earlier and use an airport park & ride which is about half the price of parking at the airport.
  5. Don’t even look at those souvenirs: Airports triple charge for those trinkets, gadgets, and T-shirts. Do you really need another I Love NY coffee mug and does your significant other really need another keychain? Just take a picture of the souvenir if it’s that important and in the end, your wallet will thank you.

What are some ways you save money while at the airport?

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