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April 9, 2019
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10 Best And Worst Foods To Eat Before Your Flight

You’re 30,000 miles up in the air, trying to ignore the scary turbulence and then all of a sudden the smell of rotten hot flesh circulates up your nose. Yep, someone ate something not so good before their flight. Certain foods that are even healthy can be catastrophic when mixed with cabin air pressure from your flight.

Best Foods to Eat Before Your Flight

  • Bananas: High in potassium, bananas will help with leg cramps which will lead to a more comfortable flight.
  • Water: That good ole H2O will keep your body hydrated and lessen the risk of dehydration.
  • Lean Protein: This is the better choice as opposed to fatty or fast food meats. Oily food and altitude changes is a deadly & smelly mixture.
  • Herbal Tea: Naturally decaffeinated which will help keep you hydrated along with your bottle of water. If you’re a nervous flyer like me then opt for chamomile or lavender herbal tea to reduce anxiety and reduce grabbing the knee cap of the stranger next to you.


Worst Foods to Eat Before Your Flight

  • Veggies: Please for the love of humanity, don’t eat cauliflower and broccoli before your flight. During elevation changes, these veggies turn into a mean bloating machine which can cause uncomfortable gas pains or have your seat neighbor giving you the look of death.
  • Coffee: Save the java for after your flight. Coffee will definitely dehydrate your body and give you the jitters depending on the number of cups you drank.
  • Eggs: After the consumption of eggs, your body will produce hydrogen sulfide gas and you already know that it won’t smell like roses.
  • Alcohol: I love 2 glasses of wine to keep me calm during a turbulent flight but I hate the headache afterward. Alcohol dehydrates the heck out of your body so just stick to that good ole fashioned H2O.
  • Hummus: Yes, yummy hummus is no bueno for your before flight snack. Any type of beans or peas are known to cause gas.
  • Salty Foods or Salty Nuts: Salt can cause bloating and fluid retention which means different parts of your body can start swelling and that is uncomfortable.

During any type of travel always remember to drink water for hydration. Staying hydrated increases your resistance to germs.

What’re your favorite & least favorite foods to eat before your flight?

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